Congratulations from the the Obama’s and the Mouses’

Have you ever thought of inviting the Obama’s or Mickey and Minnie Mouse to your wedding?

Well…chances are that they probably won’t show up, but don’t be discouraged.  When you send out an invitation inviting the couples to celebrate with you on your big day, within a few weeks or possibly even days you should expect something like this:

An autographed photo of Best Wishes from Minnie and Mickey along with a “Just Married” button and a card of congratulations from The White House signed by Barack and Michelle Obama

How cool is that?!?! 

You can send a wedding invitation to The White House and Disney and they’ll send you a little something back as a congrats on your wedding!

It’s a fun gesture and can be added to your wedding scrapbook or memorabilia, so if you have an extra invitation or two, here are the addresses:

The White House:

The Honorable Barack Obama and Mrs. Obama
The White House
Greetings Office Rm. 39
1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
Washington, DC 20500


Mickey & Minnie Mouse
The Walt Disney Company
500 South Buena Vista Street
Burbank, California 91521

Disney World:
The Magic Kingdom
C/O Mickey & Minnie Mouse
1675 N Buena Vista Drive
Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830
Good luck and happy planning!

Do they know what to wear?

Black Tie.




What do you expect your guests to wear for your big day? Sometimes it’s best to be specific in your expectations of your guests attire. All guests may not have the same interpretation of what it means to dress casually or semi-formal.

This infographic entitled “Wedding Guest Attire Demystified” by should help you with a better understanding in order to translate it  to your guests.

Happy Planning!

Confessions of a Superhero

”Pow!” ” Bang.” ”Boom!”

How many of you remember fantasizing about being a superhero when you were a child? Some of you probably still do. Who did you want to be?


For those of you in need of channeling that inner superhero, this may be the perfect wedding theme for you!

Check out these creative shots.


“With great power comes great responsibility.” ~Spider Man


As we all know, things happen. But would you know what to do in case of a wedding day emergency such as:

  • A button pops on your dress?
  • Your mom has a run in her stockings?
  • The ring bearer fell and scraped his knee?
  • One of your bridesmaids forgot to eat breakfast and feels faint?
  • Your sister really shouldn’t have eaten that spaghetti last night at the rehearsal dinner?

This is when a wedding day emergency kit comes into play. Your wedding planner should keep one stocked and have one on hand for your wedding day. There are some things we just can’t control and this little kit can become a lifesaver.

A few essential items that should be included in the kit are:


The list can go on and on, however, if you have these essentials, they can help spare you from a wedding day disaster. You can’t afford not to have a wedding day emergency kit on hand; every bride needs one.

Happy Planning!

Fall in Love

It is officially Fall!!

The astronomical fall 2012 for the Northern Hemisphere begins today.

Are you planning a fall wedding?

Fall, also referred to as autumn, is a great season for warm, rich hues such as orange, burgundy and chocolate brown. Fall brings earthly elements like leaves that have transitioned into their autumn toned hues, pumpkins of all shapes and sizes, and even pine cones. Why not take these cues from nature and incorporate them into your wedding ceremony and reception?

Be inspired.

{Image credits: Bouquet~Life123, Invitations~Touch of Love Invitations, Pumpkin cake , Personalized leaves~My Wedding Favors,  Candy apples~HWTM, I Do pumpkins~Rehearsal Dinner Guide}

Fall in love.

Vendor Spotlight: Khory Fulton Photography

Can you think of a time that you have ever looked at a photo that didn’t bring back memories?

Are you thinking…

Can’t think of one can you? That’s exactly what it was meant to do. Photography is a snap shot in time. Realistically, it’s time that you won’t get back, however, you can relive that moment every time you pick up that photo. Photos are everlasting memories; you can’t trust just anyone with those.

Photography is an art form and it takes a special person or persons to capture those moments. I’ve had the opportunity and pleasure of interviewing Khory Fulton of Khory Fulton Photography who through his portfolio, has proven himself worthy of capturing those memories one click at a time.

1.     Why did you choose this profession and to create a business of it?
I chose photography because I like the art of it and being a part of helping people capture and save memories that are dear to them.

2.      How long have you been in business?
I have been in business for just about 3 years now.

3.      What makes your business unique? Why would a bride choose you over any other photographer?
My business is unique because I can turn standard moments and pictures into individual works of art that tell a story to the viewer.

4.      What inspires you? Where do you pull inspiration from?
I get a lot of my inspiration from looking at magazines and seeing what couples are into now, Also my wife who is constantly pushing me to take my skill to the next level.

5.      Describe yourself and your style.
I would describe myself as a photographer not looking to build clientele but relationships with my clients. I don’t have a particular style but if I had to categorize it, it would fall under photojournalistic. I like for my albums and pictures to tell a story.

6.      Share something that not many people know about you.
I’m an expert at installing car audio.

7.      What is the process like to work with you?
I would like to think working with me is quite easy and laid back. I have never broken an appointment and make myself available at just about any day or time.

8.      Thus far, what has been your greatest professional accomplishment?
Having and maintaining a thriving business without replacing my morals and giving into the “sex sells” mentality.

9.      For anyone interested in hiring you for their special day, how can they contact you?
I can be reached via smoke signals and morse code but the easiest way would be email at or call or text at 954-701-0045.

10.     What is the best advice you can give a bride looking to hire a photographer?
Don’t focus on cost, pay close attention to quality. Make sure your photographer has a resume to back up what he/she is telling you. Not everyone who owns a camera is a photographer.

It was such a pleasure to conduct this interview and I hope you will find the same joys in reading it.


I just had to laugh

Laughter makes the heart grow fonder.

Hmm…Well, I know it’s supposed to be “absence” but it doesn’t hurt to get in a good laugh every now and then.

I think we should pay homage to the funniest wedding comedies of all time. Here are my top 8 all time favorites:

8. My Big Fat Greek Wedding (2002) Starring: Nia Vardalos and John Corbett

7. 27 Dresses (2008) Starring: Katherine Heigl and James Marsden

6. Wedding Crashers (2005) Starring: Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn

5. Jumping the Broom (2011) Starring: Paula Patton and Laz Alonso

4. Bride Wars (2009) Starring: Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway

3. American Wedding (2003) Starring: Jason Biggs and Alyson Hannigan

2. Our Family Wedding (2010) Starring: America Ferrera and Lance Gross

And my all time favorite is…(drum roll please)

1. Bridesmaids (2011) Starring: Kristen Wiig and Maya Rudolph


What’s your favorite wedding comedy?

Out of the Boxx Events Turns 1!!!

Happy Birthday!!! Today Out of the Boxx Events turns a year old today!

We have come so far since September 12, 2011. This year has been a mixture of hard work, constant education, ups and downs, new experiences, happy clients and tremendous growth overall.

Cheers to an upcoming year filled with new blessings, new relationships and new experiences to come. Thank you all for your continued support throughout this journey. Moving forward into our 2nd year…

Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Wish made.

Blowing out the candles.

Have an APPY wedding

Do you…

~Want a free wedding app customized for you and your guests?

~Want a new, fun way for your guests to participate?

~Want a collection of photos and stories from your guests?

~Want to be able to share your album immediately?

If you have answered yes to at least one of these questions then the Wedding Party App may be just what you and your guests need.  Collect photos from all of your wedding guests in one place. Your guests download the app and you instantly get all your wedding photos in one album! And it’s ABSOLUTELY FREE! I’d love this!

And did I mention, it’s FREE!

It just takes a few moments to sign up and you are ready to go! The app is currently available for the iPhone in the App Store and coming soon for Android systems.

Have fun!

The history behind “Shotgun Weddings”

A shotgun wedding is a form of an arranged or forced marriage. It is an expression referring to a type of wedding which is arranged less out of the desire of the participants, but rather to avoid embarrassment due to an unplanned pregnancy. The phrase is considered American jargon, although it said to have been used in other parts of the world.

It derives from the alleged old southern custom of persuading the groom to marry the pregnant bride at gunpoint so he does not escape, hence, “shotgun wedding.”

As times have changed and society no longer shuns out-of-wedlock pregnancies, shotgun weddings are less common.

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